Who We Are

Mary Mahon Jones, CMC, President

The former President & CEO of the Council of Tourism Associations of British Columbia (COTA, now TIABC), Canada, and before that, General Manager of Saskatchewan Council of Cultural Organizations (SaskCulture) in Saskatchewan, Mary is a certified management consultant (CMC) with many years of senior-level experience in both tourism and culture. A strategic thinker, she has extensive experience in leading, managing and inspiring teams of people, including staff, volunteers, community participants and other stakeholders in the achievement of common goals. Her years of working in the tourism industry has resulted in a rich network of contacts to whom she regularly communicates through a monthly “Tourism One-Minute Report”, which keeps her clients and contacts abreast of trends and events affecting the global tourism industry on a regular basis.

Since launching Mahon Jones & Associates in 2007, Mary has worked as a management consultant specializing in feasibility studies/assessment, visitor experience planning, cultural/heritage tourism, coaching/mentoring and project management, and is an Authorized EQ Trainer with the Canadian Tourism Commission as well as a Authorized Sustainable Tourism Consultant with Sustainable Travel International.

Associate Companies

Jane Osler, PJ Osler and Associates

Jane is a marketing and research executive with almost 30 years dedicated to the industry, her experience is extensive in leading cross-functional teams and projects in the leisure, travel and retail sectors. She provides insights and recommendations that lead to the identification of business opportunities, development of customer-centric strategies, and actions that result in increased profitability.

David Powell, David Powell Landscape Architect (DPLA)

DPLA is a landscape architectural firm providing a variety of design, planning and research services since 1992. The firm draws on professional experience from work in several provinces. Completed projects range in scale from intimate courtyards to regional landscape inventories, and vary in complexity from play structure locations to multi kilometre trail systems. Tourism- related projects include parks in urban and natural settings, trail layout, interpretive signage, and campgrounds.

Ruth Marr, Marr Consulting International

Ruth Marr has over 20 years of senior consulting experience in the fields of active and sustainable transportation, tourism, public consultation and facilitation as well as environmental studies. As the founder of both Marr Consulting and Randonnée Tours, Ruth brings both knowledge and passion, plus a business focus, to all consulting assignments. She has a successful track record of directing significant projects for public and private sector clients across Canada. For 15 years, Randonnée was North America’s leading specialist in active, self-guided vacations in Europe and North America.

Gisèle Marion, Culinary & Cultural Tourism Consulting

Gisèle Marion is an enthusiastic, innovative marketing communications strategist and has a passion for creating unique culinary and cultural tour itineraries in English and in French that involve a variety of stakeholders. Gisèle is also an event management professional with a strong dedication to teamwork. She has unrelenting energy and commitment to her clients and in ensuring their projects are managed effectively and efficiently.

Wendy Underwood, Feverpitch Marketing & Communications

With a comprehensive mix of public relations, marketing and media experience, Wendy Underwood brings a professional and balanced approach to all marketing communications projects. Wendy is well connected within the North American travel and lifestyle media, her experience with international and trade markets has given her valuable insight into nuances of media relations practices in key markets outside of North American consumer media. With a background in journalism, including time working as a travel and lifestyle writer, she has an insider’s knowledge of what it takes to capture the attention of the media.

Nicole Beissner

Nicole is a research and marketing specialist with more than 20 years experience working in consulting and marketing.  She has worked with the private, public and non-profit sectors including tourism, retail, real estate, natural resources and First Nations. Special areas of expertise include market analysis, marketing strategy planning and implementation and e-marketing.

Anne McCaw

Anne is a meetings professional, with an emphasis on creating ideal meeting and learning environments in educational and conference facilities. Fostering relationships with clients, staff and suppliers; creatively solving operational and marketing challenges in meeting, event and performance venues; designing sales tools and outstanding customer service in all areas of the hospitality industry has been Anne’s focus for over 25 years.

Trudy Van Dop, Van Dop & Associates

As the creator of the well-known and award winning BC Cultural Crawl and the BC Cultural Guide,
Trudy Van Dop presents a unique service to communities who wish to enhance their appeal as arts and heritage tourism destinations, and thereby stimulate the local economy.