What We Do

We’re focused on tourism planning, marketing, destination development and cultural tourism. Our goal is to provide an advisory service that gets results – in companies, communities, and regions truly differentiating themselves as great tourism destinations.

What makes our services different from the rest? Our advice is based on nearly three decades of senior-level experience and a deep understanding of what makes the tourism industry tick. But we don’t stop there. We believe in continuously maintaining an updated tool box of knowledge, skill and experience, plus contact with network of tourism professionals in Canada and across the globe. We track best practices and issues like air access, travel trends and global tourism markets day by day – publishing updates via social media and in our monthly Tourism One-Minute Report.

The result is advice that is current, grounded in experience and trustworthy.

Tourism executives are often juggling competing interests of stakeholders, the requirements of funders and a host of travel trends and issues. Because we’ve been there, done that, we can help you reduce the noise, dampen the stress and make confident plans for the way forward.

Tourism Planning

Our approach to tourism planning is inventive, innovative and inclusive. Our goals are your goals. We can call on a range of strategic planning approaches to get the job done, and adapt them to fit the unique culture of your organization/company and its stakeholder group.
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Destination and Product Development

A good tourism destination is determined by the quality of the experiences it can deliver. A great tourism destination offers quality experiences that are unique from those offered anywhere else in the world.
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Tourism marketing

Successful tourism marketing campaigns stir the heart of a tourist from the moment of just thinking about the trip, all the way to savouring after-trip memories.
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Cultural Tourism

The world is full of fascinating places and people.  Cultural tourists are dedicated to exploring them – leading to a deeper understanding of the unique nature and character of the places they are visiting.
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