Cultural Tourism Strategies and Product Development

Cultural tourism is all about experiences that connect travellers with the unique character of a place – its people, their history and the landscape that shapes them.  By focusing on that uniqueness, a good cultural tourism strategy will clearly distinguish your tourism destination from its competitors.


Itinerary and trail planning

Itineraries and trails are an effective way to cluster your destination’s tourism assets in ways that effectively highlight the best your destination has to offer.   Used by tour operators as well as independent tourists, they provide focus for planning future product and infrastructure development. Itineraries and trails are also effective in developing rural tourism or distributing visitation volumes more effectively.

Community workshops

Like all good strategies, cultural tourism strategies start with an idea. However, if not all of its stakeholders share the same idea, the strategy may be doomed to a dusty shelf. This interactive cultural tourism workshop gets stakeholders excited about developing their community or region as a cultural tourism destination, using examples of success stories from around the world and interactive problem-solving sessions.

Cultural tourism assessment for destinations

Not all cultural assets are appropriate as tourism destination products. Some may be ready for visitors whereas others need to make some adjustments. Destinations may have lots of ‘visitor-ready’ cultural attractions (parks, natural history sites, museums, studios, etc) but lack the accommodation and food services needed to support a good tourism experience.  These are among the many considerations that we take into account in assessing a destination’s cultural tourism readiness – laying the groundwork for effective decision making.

Cultural tourism assessment for businesses and attractions

Individual museums, parks, heritage sites, resorts and other attractions that are interested in enhancing their appeal to cultural tourism travellers will find this service very useful. The assessment takes in the operation as a whole – from promotions to product – and its alignment to cultural tourist target market segments, targeted in consultation with the client.

Strategies for attracting the Canadian cultural tourist

When it comes to a good tourism strategy, it’s who you know that counts.

The Canadian cultural tourist is curious. Educated. Committed to life-long learning. And, loves to learn through travel.  And, like other cultural tourists, Canadian cultural tourists tend to stay longer and spend more.  Many have the resources to travel, due to a relatively stable economy and high standard of living.

Our company specializes in understanding the Canadian tourist – providing strategic direction and marketing and product development advice to destinations who wish to increase their share of the Canadian market.