Tourism Marketing

Successful tourism marketing campaigns stir the heart of a tourist from the moment of just thinking about the trip, all the way to savouring after-trip memories. There are a multitude of decisions that are made along that path from idea to memory – and you want to be there to influence every one of them. This means a well-designed marketing plan backed by a solid product offer.




As an Authorized Explorer Quotient™ (EQ) Trainer (through the Canadian Tourism Commission or CTC), our company has been a pioneer in the use of this powerful marketing tool in strategic tourism marketing and product development.

EQ is one of the most innovative consumer segmentation tools to come from the science of psychographics – an evolution of the more traditional approach based on demographics.  Psychographics go deeper – creating market segments based on people’s personal beliefs, social values, and view of the world. These are the factors driving the specific tourism experiences real people seek. We provide destination management organizations and businesses with advisory services on successfully integrating EQ into their marketing and product development strategies.

In addition to advisory services, we also provide a range of EQ training opportunities. Choose from one of the following or contact us for a more customized educational experience.

Marketing with EQ: Workshops for Destinations

Tourism businesses know that the secret to being more profitable lies in reaching and selling their tourism experiences to the customer – the right customer. Better understanding and targeting customers is vital to making the best use of precious promotional and product development dollars. This 3 hour interactive workshop is designed to delivered in partnership with destination marketing organizations who wish to help local small to medium-sized businesses incorporate EQ into their marketing plans and improve their ability to attract customers.

Using EQ to Attract the Cultural Tourist

Cultural tourists are one of tourism’s most sought-after customer.  These tourists love to travel and tend to stay longer at a destination as they explore its unique character.  EQ provides a wealth of information on cultural tourists that is invaluable in planning cultural tourism strategies, marketing campaigns or developing great cultural tourism products.  With our company’s specialized knowledge of cultural tourism and of EQ, we can work with your destination or business to increase your share of the cultural tourist market.